Messages & Media

Thursday June 7th, 2018

Last month, Christina Aguilera released “Fall in Line”, a song featuring Demi Lovato which speaks to the innate worth and strength of women. The messages conveyed in this track are refreshing! All too often, popular media depicts women in a hyper-sexualized manner. A common factor throughout T.V. shows, movies, song lyrics and music videos, is focusing on a female’s body rather than her intellect, aspirations, and capabilities. Aguilera and Lovato remind us that the inherent value of a woman does not come from her physical appearance.

While media has much to offer in terms of creative expression, it’s important that we become students of its content and the messages it conveys. Identifying our own values is a helpful first step to becoming critical thinkers and in-takers of media.

The next time you interact with media, consider asking yourself:

  • Does this content sexually objectify people? Particularly women?
  • Would I feel comfortable if someone was speaking to me (or my sister or friend) like this?


To view the “Fall in Line” lyrics by Christina Aguilera, please click this link: