Thursday May 31st, 2018

Boundaries. It’s not the most fun word, right? Even so, boundaries are important for you to understand prior to entering, and throughout,  a relationship. Knowing your comfort levels, as well as what your partner is comfortable with, is vital for a healthy relationship. Establishing boundaries can take place through honest self-reflection and open communication with your partner.

Ask yourself, where are my lines of comfort? Do I know what lines my partner has? Have we communicated what lines we will cross and the ones we won’t? While it can be uncomfortable to have these conversations, they are necessary to developing respect, trust, and mutual understanding within a relationship.

Here are some areas to think about regarding boundaries:

  • Devices: Sharing passwords on your phone and computer
  • Personal space: Spending time with people without your partner
  • Sexual activity: Values, cultural or religious beliefs, responsibility


If you’re finding it difficult to vocalize your boundaries, consider writing them down and exchanging lists with your partner as a way to break the ice.