Goal Setting: Who Can I Turn to for Help?

Wednesday May 2nd, 2018

Whether you want to attend post-secondary education after high school, travel the world, start your own business, or learn a new language, developing goals are essential! Setting goals for ourselves helps us have a plan and gives us an opportunity to visualize the kind of future we want.

Naming our goals can oftentimes be the easy part. When it comes to creating a plan and making progress, we can sometimes lack motivation or information on how to make our goals happen. We all need help seeing our dreams become a reality! With that in mind, it’s helpful to know who you can turn to for support so you can succeed.

Here are some questions to consider as you seek to develop a network of support throughout your goal setting process:

  • Are the choices I’m making setting me up well to accomplish my goals and dreams? If not, what do I need to change?
  • Do I know of anyone who has already achieved a goal I’m hoping to accomplish? What can I learn from the process they went through? Can they offer any helpful advice regarding what worked well for them and what they would have changed?
  • Are there organizations that specialize in helping people accomplish this specific goal?