Supporting a Friend through Their Break-Up

Wednesday April 25th, 2018

Break-ups can be really rough. Movie scenes often depict characters sitting in their pajamas eating a pint of ice cream shortly after their relationship ends. While this may bring temporary relief, sadly, chocolate chip cookie dough does not offer long-term support. Close friendships, on the other hand, can be a safe place of support throughout the healing process.

It can be daunting to know how to comfort and help a friend when their relationship ends. Here are a few ways you can come alongside them during this difficult time:

  • Be available: Let your friend know you are there to hang out, talk on the phone, or simply sit with them.
  • Hear them out: Allow your friend to vent their feelings and frustrations in a non-judgmental space as a way to demonstrate your care for them.
  • Build your knowledge: Seek out resources to help you better understand what your friend is going through if you have not personally faced a similar situation.
  • Meet them where they are: Refrain from minimizing their pain by saying something like, “It’s not that bad.” Respect their emotions and give them time to process.
  • Reflect on your experiences: Ask yourself what helped you during a tough time in your life and consider offering those suggestions to your friend.                                                                                           


This information has been rephrased from the article, “How to help a friend through a rough patch” on the Kids Help Phone website. To learn more, please visit: