Pornography: “Feed the Right Wolf”

Wednesday March 28th, 2018

Have you ever found yourself enjoying a specific food, an activity or experience so much so that you do not, or cannot, stop yourself from going back for more? If you’re like most people, you can probably respond with a resounding “yes!” The reason for this reality is due to a powerful chemical we have built into our biological reward system: dopamine.

As we’ve learned in previous blog posts, not all dopamine-producing activities may be good for us. Pornography falls into this category. Did you know that viewing pornography over an extended period of time can actually rewire the brain’s neurological pathways? Simply put: frequent viewing of pornography = frequent release of dopamine = increased desire for more pornographic content = increased need for dopamine release. This cycle can be overwhelming!

While this may sound disheartening, there is hope for those who have become addicted to viewing pornography! In an article, Fight the New Drug points to the analogy of “feed the right wolf” to illustrate a pornography addiction. Metaphorically speaking, there are two wolves: one represents darkness and despair, whereas the other represents light and hope. The one that wins the fight is the one that gets fed.

So, what can someone do to “feed the right wolf?” Consider these suggestions from Fight the New Drug (click to view article):

Prioritize sleep
Eat a well-balanced diet
Move around
Share with a trusted person in your life

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