[Social] Media: A Delicate Balance

Wednesday March 14th, 2018

On Sunday night, Taylor Swift released her latest music video for her song, “Delicate”, at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. While the lyrics point to a new relationship, the video highlights something else: the joy she feels when she realizes no one can see her. It’s sobering to realize that celebrities – people who seem to have it all together and are upheld as the epitome of success – can find it exhausting to always project a certain persona in the spotlight.

Now, think about social media apps like Instagram and Facebook. Have you ever lost track of time scrolling through endless photos of what looks like the perfect vacation, body, family or #squadgoals? If you have, you’re not alone. However, spending our time doing this can lead us down a slippery slope of jealousy and comparison. We can begin to view filtered photos as an accurate depiction of real life. Mythbuster: it’s not.

The image projected in media of celebrities and the image we project (or see projected of others) on social media doesn’t tell the full story. Taylor Swift’s video reminds us that fame is not always as appealing as it seems.

What if we exchanged our time comparing our lives to others with making a list of things that we’re grateful for daily? What if we complemented others instead of envying them? We encourage you to reflect on these questions the next time you’re tempted to compare yourself with someone on social media.