Community Programs: We’re Here for Students

Wednesday February 21st, 2018

Last week we highlighted our upcoming Open House as a way for you to learn more about who we are and what we do at our Centre. Along with supporting individuals who find themselves in an intended pregnancy situation, we also love working with students in our community!

We are privileged to partner with educators and youth leaders to help inform middle and high school students regarding their relational and sexual health choices. These conversations take place in classrooms, at community events, and in youth groups. We unpack topics like communication and social media, sexting and pornification, stages of a relationship, as well as the importance of boundaries and consent.

We aim to create presentations that are informative, relevant, and engage the interests/questions of this generation. For this reason, students are asked to complete an evaluation form following a presentation as a way for us to know what content is most helpful to their learning. You can view this form – as well as the various presentations we offer – by clicking on the “Education” page on our website.

If you are an educator or youth leader looking to bring us in for a presentation  (or student wishing to refer us to a teacher), please contact Laura, our Community Programs Coordinator, at