Popcorn & Cute Text Messages – Guest Post

Wednesday December 6th, 2017

When you are starting to consider seeking out a person that you want to share your movie popcorn with, there are some good things to keep in mind.

Are you ready for a relationship? When we start pursuing someone, we need to be aware that it requires more than just going on dates and sending cute text messages. Relationships take work, and you need to be ready for all that work.

You can’t change them… This is key to all relationships, but especially in dating relationships. You can’t change them and if you’re not into them as they are, maybe you need to assess why you wanted to be with them in the first place. As well, you shouldn’t change yourself to keep them interested. It goes both ways – you want someone who’s going to want to be with the real you, right?

It’s more than words… Communication needs to be a thing that happens often and from both parties involved. It allows for the relationship to develop and grow. Communication takes a variety of forms outside of our words – our body language can say a lot about how we’re feeling in a relationship, so let’s stay woke to what’s going on in our relationships.

And the foundation of it all… Respect. With it, you will always value each other and know how to approach any situation because you will have each other’s best interest in mind. Without it… there is no relationship.

Take the time to consider these aspects whether you’re in a relationship or not. You deserve only the best and beautiful things in relationships and a really great person to share popcorn with.

Chantal Audet

Dare Daughters