The Value of Volunteering in Light of #GivingTuesday

Wednesday November 29th, 2017

Yesterday, November 28th, was #GivingTuesday in Canada. Across our nation, Canadians committed their time, energy, and finances to come alongside various organizations, businesses, and charities. What an encouraging message a day like this sends: when we rally together in support of one another, we can affect positive change!

With the Christmas season fast approaching, we are presented with opportunities to see how generous acts of kindness can go a long way. However, what if our awareness of giving to those around us didn’t start and stop at the end of the year? What if it was a way of life for us all year ‘round?

Our centre wants you to live from a place of holistic health – feeling physically, emotionally,  and spiritually whole. A way in which you can do this is through volunteering. According to Harvard Health Blog, volunteering can lead to a sense of social connectedness, lower blood pressure, and promote longevity!

So, now what? Here are some questions to help get the ball rolling:

Is there a cause or injustice that gets you fired up? What are your strengths? How can you use your strengths to help a local organization that deals with this cause?

As we look forward to the Christmas season and the New Year, we challenge you to invest in your health and your community by volunteering. You may find that you receive more than you give!