About Us


Our Mission:

The Cambridge Pregnancy Resource Centre strives to support, connect, and equip clients affected, presently or in the past, by unplanned pregnancies through its various life-affirming programs.

Our Vision:

The Cambridge Pregnancy Resource Centre is a non-profit, Christian organization operating as a vital community resource for individuals who experience, presently or in the past, an unplanned pregnancy. We aim to bring help and hope by providing non-judgmental support to all those in the Cambridge community who seek out our services.

Our Goals:


  • We will support individuals experiencing an unplanned pregnancy by offering to walk with them in a non-judgmental manner as she/he considers her/his options.
  • We will support eligible clients by way of a support worker who will guide her/him on the journey through pregnancy into potential parenting.
  • We will support individuals struggling to find healing, hope and wholeness from a post-abortion experience through individual/groups sessions.


  • We will connect the individual facing an unplanned pregnancy with community resources that can help before, during, and after a choice has been made.
  • We will connect clients with community resources that can help them in their parenting journey.
  • We will offer an opportunity for clients to connect, within various CPRC programs, with other young parents in a similar stage of life.


  • We will equip the individual experiencing an unplanned pregnancy with accurate information that can help direct her/him as options are considered.
  • We will equip potential and current young parents with material goods.
  • We will equip clients with valuable prenatal and parenting training and education via individual/group sessions.
  • We will equip, through our school programs, young people with accurate information and effective tools to encourage them in making healthy lifestyle and relationship choices.

 Our Staff:

Each of our employee and volunteer Support Workers receive training in crisis intervention.  Although our Support Workers may not have degrees in counselling, or be licensed by the Province, they do have a
deep commitment to each individual’s needs… because they care.

The support you receive is not a substitute for professional counselling.


We are an affiliated agency with Canadian Pregnancy Support Services   logoCAPSS  .