Whether you are a teacher looking to supplement your curriculum or a youth leader seeking to engage students about their choices, our informative and interactive presentations led by our Centre employees are an invaluable resource to you!

We believe young people need to be given information and skills so they can be critical thinkers and make wise decisions regarding their sexual and relational health.

Below is an overview of the grade-specific presentations we are offering this year:

GRADE 7 & 8 – The Journey

The aim of this presentation is to aid students in preparing for the journey of life, particularly when it comes to navigating relationships, the risks and impacts of sexual activity, and how media influences our perception of these things.

GRADE 9 – B2B: Back to Basics

We will identify the facts and outcomes behind sexual activity, STI’s and pregnancy. We will also seek to demystify some common misconceptions surrounding these topics and encourage informed decision making.

GRADE 10 – Respect and Relationships

Through group-based discussion and interactive activities, we will uncover the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. We will also walk through examples of what consent and coercion look like within relationships.

GRADE 11 & 12 – #LOVE

Based on the unique learning needs of your class(es), we will offer a minimum of four and a maximum of six presentation “segments” throughout our scheduled presentation time. You will be given the opportunity to select topics that you find most relevant to your curriculum and class.

Topics include:

  • Goal setting: Setting yourself up for success
  • Communication and social media
  • Sexting and pornification
  • Characteristics of a(n) (un)healthy relationship
  • Stages of a relationship
  • Boundaries and consent


To book a presentation, please email Laura, our Community Programs Coordinator, at or call our Centre at 519-620-0204. Our presentation availability is limited to Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the academic year.

Teacher Feedback:

“I always appreciate the presentation by the Cambridge Pregnancy Resource Centre to augment the important messages of healthy sexuality and relationships. Laura did an excellent job connecting with the students and delivering important messages.” – Grade 9 Teacher from St. Benedict’s Catholic Secondary School

“It’s a fantastic introduction to our unit on sexual health. It sets the stage with very powerful messages.” – Grade 11 Teacher from Galt Collegiate Institute


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